In order to get rid of mold, we must first find out what mold is: by the term mold we mean all fungi that grow on surfaces. These small organisms can be black, white, orange, green, or purple and live almost anywhere indoors and outside. Molds thrive on moisture and reproduce through lightweight spores that travel through the air. We see mold on foods, several items and on walls.

Mold, is not only harmful to our health, but also may cause problems to our house (internal or external walls). It is a fact, that humidity plays decisive role in its development. Mold has a characteristic odor and often occurs when humidity is in high levels (over 60%).


Using bleach, not only can be harmful for the walls, but also completely ineffective solution. Use special products that are suitable for this occasion

Prefer other options, from natural cleaners that do not harm the environment and therefore your health. Make a mixture of water, oxygen and lemon by yourself: ½ cup of lemon and 1 cup of oxygen dissolved in a container full of water.

However, whatever you do may not be enough to ease you and get rid of mold completely. In that case you have to focus on the deeper causes of its occurrence:

Insufficient thermal insulation of external surfaces

Lack of heating or poor heating efficiency

Damage to plumbing – water leaks

House’s insufficient lighting and ventilation

So as to deal with mold once and for all, you need to apply techniques for proper roof and wall insulation. To achieve this, we need to consider several parameters˚ a proper analysis of the current situation regarding the thermal insulation adequacy of the building, the building elements and finally the area climate.

In Mykonos, the phenomenon of mold is strongly observed as the climate of the area is characterized by high percentages of humidity, especially in winter. Our team, Mykonos Home Services (MHS), undertakes to have your home ready for use and to free you from the whole process, finding the right people to solve your problem, when you are absent, dealing with unpleasant situations that may occur.

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